Jennifer Baer has worked in Integrative Health for over 5 years. A combination of traditional as well as holistic therapy is used. Ms. Baer embraces the body, mind and soul of each individual and lives into the listening of the person in front of her. This enables her to create a customized plan of care supporting the restoration of health to the individual.

Ms. Baer practices all of the following:
- Integrative Primary Care
- Lyme Disease
- Integrative Oncology
- Iscador
- IV Chelation
- IV Vitamin C
- IV Nutrients Therapy
- Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
- Chronic Illness

Ms. Baer has been treating Lyme Disease for 4 years and has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience from conferences, patients and her own personal experiences with the disease. Jennifer's background includes being trained and certified in IV therapies including IV Chelation. IV Vitamin C, Glutathione as well as a multitude of other IVs for health and well being. She has started and managed a successful IV practice for the past several years.